Sell anything without websites.

Just with your Facebook Page and our chatbot, you are ready to sell anything online.

No credit card required. Regular pricing is just €1/day.

A chatbot that sells even when you sleep.

A complete e-commerce experience without all the hassles.
All you need is a Facebook Page.


Log in with Facebook

Log in with your existing Facebook Page to connect it with our chatbot. Our team will take care of setting everything up.

Add your products

Create your products, upload product images and set your prices – all through your own dashboard.

Start selling!

With everything set up, your chatbot is ready to accept orders and collect payments.
Prefer to see everything in person?
Orderich bot dashboard iPhone

New in V2

Full product and order management dashboard

Through your own dashboard, you are able to manage your shop just like any traditional webshop.

Create products

Set your product name, picture, price and you're ready to go.

Manage orders

See full order details with customer information, payment status.

Receive payments

Allow cash-on-delivery or accept online payments with up to 17 payment methods.

Chat with customers

Your bot automatically talks to your customers, but you can take over any time.


No commission, no hidden fees.

Paid monthly, annual contract
  • Salesbot integrated into your Facebook Page & Messenger
  • Automatically responds to your customers on your behalf
  • Automatically offers products to your customers
  • Collects customer checkout information
  • Lets customers pay for orders (transaction fees vary per payment method)
  • Manage orders in your own dashboard
  • Create products in your own dashboard
  • No commission, no hidden fees
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Frequently asked questions

Every time your customer starts chatting on your Facebook Page, they are greeted by the chatbot and offered to purchase your products. Your customers can put products into their shopping basket, fill out their address at the checkout and pay for their orders - all from within Facebook Messenger.

Creating, maintaining and advertising an e-commerce website can be expensive. With Orderich chatbot at €1/day, you just need your Facebook Page to start selling your products and even accepting payments. Any business can create a Facebook Page, therefore any business can sell using Orderich chatbot.

If you prefer to have a complete e-commerce solution, Orderich offers a complete online ordering system, which comes with a webshop and order management dashboard for just €3/day. See more details on our homepage.

We sign you up with a payment service provider like Mollie or Stripe, so all payments from your customers go directly to you. We believe your money is your money and it should not go through us.

Of course, we offer a 30-day free trial for you to try out and see if Orderich chatbot is a good fit for your business. Our team is ready to set everything up so you only need to start selling. Start your .

Yes, Orderich is a subscription-based product. We charge a daily fee, collected on a monthly basis. Your first contract with us will be an annual one. After one year, you can terminate the contract at any time with 1 month notice.

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Customers love it.

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“What usually takes at least 2 or 3 weeks was reduced to 4 days. That in itself is invaluable.”

Abigail Roberts

“I was thrilled by the quality of the customer support. The team were helpful throughout the entire process, I couldn’t be happier with the results – will use again!”

Annabelle Porter

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product to beginners and advanced users.”



“This is a top quality product. No need to think twice before purchasing, you simply could not go wrong”

Jonathan Wilson

“Once again, my expectations have been surpassed – Bravo!”

Brett Thompson

“Finally, I’ve found a template that covers all bases for a bootstrapped startup. We were able to launch in days, not months.”

Anna Souzakis

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